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Aircconnex turns airtable into a fully functional web application. It only takes a few minutes to setup, and you can start managing and showing off your airtable data directly on the web.

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Wordpress + Airtable Powered

Wordpress is the most versatile and widely used web content management system - and Airtable is the greatest thing to ever happen to data management. By connecting a powerful web front end with an incredible pseudo-database, we unlock a tool that's exponentially more powerful than either one alone.

Forms, Editing & Lookups : Unlimited funnels & workflows.

Airtable forms are a great idea, but limited to adding new rows. With Airconnex you can build a form that lets your visitors edit their Airtable data directly. You can control which fields are editable, and choose who has access. You can even combine placeholders with lookup fields, to connect multiple tables into a complex workflow or funnel.

Block Library : Make Airtable beautiful.

We have developed a library of gorgeous templates to render data into HTML for display on the web. We are adding this library to the Airconnex system for our members to use, as well as providing continual updates and additions. Your data can be beautiful as well as functional.

Data Placeholders : Show values anywhere.

You can connect airtable data to any page to turn each row of your table into a brand new piece of content. Or, you can choose multiple rows to show them all on one page.

Email Automation : Broadcast to your bases.

Build a list of recipients and their data using forms, then automate email sequences. You can even build your email templates and control setting right there in airtable.

User Accounts : Manage Access to Pages & Forms

Make groups and assign privileges directly in airtable, then syncronize to your web portal to control who sees what. Logins and security are handled using Wordpress authentication.

Everything Managed : Hosting, Security & Support

you dont need to worry about hosting, wordpress, updates or plugins. We provide our system on a dedicated server which we will expand as needed. In any case your data will not be store on our server unless you specifically choose this option.

Unsplash Images (API)

As well as using images from Airtable, you can utilize one of many custom coded plugins we provide with the airconnex system. Choose images from the Unsplash royalty free library, and have them load directly on your page via API connection.

This website is built with Airconnex.

Become a Web Architect

With Airconnex you have all the same elements and flexibility of a custom built website, without learning any code. Start building and be limited only by your imagination.


Build your Workflow in Airtable

Connect tables to web page, forms to tables, and back again in unlimited configurations to build any workflow you need.


Beautifully Present it On The Web

Choose how to present your data with a massive library of blocks. Make a dynamic website powered by airtable for your business, marketing or anything else you can imagine.

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