Ecommerce Website | Signup Page

The signup page has a form which adds a record to the table in Airtable where we will store our customer data. We also included a hero image just to make it a bit more appealing.

How’s it made?

Airconnex Form > Signup

This type of form is fairly standard – it adds a record to whichever connection you choose in the form configuration options. There are a few custom actions needed to make this a proper signup form.

Send Password

We want to encourage the user to come back to complete their order even if they abandon the cart during this process… so we will issue their password via email immediately upon signup. We could also send a custom welcome email using the Actipns > Email section of the form block.

Automatic Login

In some cases you may want to approve users or make sure they're using a valid email before letting them login. As this is a custom checkout, we dont want to delay the process so we will automatically log the user in once they submit the form.

Go to Page (Checkout)

Once the user creates their account and is logged in, of course we dont need to be on the signup page anymore so we redirect them back to the previous page.