Ecommerce Website | Cart Page

The cart page is linked from the confirmation message when an item is added to the cart. The cart shows a summary of the line-items, quantity and price. There is also a summary at the bottom where data can be mapped from Airtable, so we were able to incorporate any extra calculations needed (eg taxes).

The cart total updates dynamically whenever quantities are changed.

How’s it made?

There's only one block required for the cart page…

Airconnex Cart Block

This is a highly specialized block that allows items from the 'add to cart' form to be totalled in a linked table in Airtable… including the use of formulae to include tax calculations etc. The summary block at the bottom of the cart updates in realtime whenever items are added or removed.

The values being displayed in the summary are fully customizable and syncronized with Airtable.

When the visitor has finalized their cart, they can proceed to a checkout page.