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In our case, the articles are being written by hundreds of different writers who are sourced both through the 'write for us' page and also externally. The writing is actually done through a 'central' system (also built with Airconnex) which handles the content production for multiple blogs from a single portal.

The articles are contained in a central Airtable base linked to multiple blogs.

Although this doesn't really affect the page layout, its interesting to note as I'm not sure this would be possible with many other 'nocode' web builders.

How’s it made?

Airconnex Hero

As usual we added a Hero block to give the visitor a big, visually appealing entry to the page before breaking into a wall of text.

Airconnex Text Block

The text block is used for showing large blocks of text (eg Articles) and can also contain rich text and HTML elements. Using the Airconnex Editor you can even embed images from Airtable into your articles within the text (similar to the old WordPress editor experience).

You can export WordPress Posts to Airtable, and use this block to display them.

Airconnex Single Record

To show the writers information we used the Single Row block. This block has the same features as the loop, but it used for showing a single item rather than multiple. It's most commonly used on dynamic pages, where you can map values from the page to the block.


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How’s it made?



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How’s it made?