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How’s it made?



Blogging System | Article Loop

After choosing the publisher, the writer can see the articles they have submitted to this publisher and also add a new article using a popup form.

How’s it made?

Airconnex Single Record

Sometimes a header block is a bit overpowering on more functional pages. So we can use a Single Record block instead. This allows us all the same formatting options as the loop block, but with a single item. Its ideal for situations where you have some text and an image that you want to arrange in a side-by-side format.

Airconnex Form Block > Banner Popup

The form is made in the same way as any other form, using the Airconnex Form block. It has some hidden values such as the Publisher (linked) and the Writer (linked). So, when the form is submitted it will add a new record to the Articles table, but with the Writer (user) and the Publisher (page) values linked.

To make the form appear inside a banner / popup we just use the Section tab and choose the banner popup. This will make the form appear when the user clicks the button on the banner.