Travel Blog | Category Listing

This blog was exported from an existing wordpress site, with the articles and their metadata being sent to Airtable.

Being a global travel blog, they are categorized by country.

How’s it made?

Airconnex Loop

This page is just a loop of all the countries in an Airtable, with the image as background.

For the images, we just added the name of the country to an Unsplash 'Source' URL. This allowed us to pull the URL for beautiful images of every country to use in the loop, and also in the hero block of the country page.

Each one links to a dynamic page for the country. Worth noting is that in this case, the page url is 'best-places-for-backpackers' as this was the URL structure put forward by the SEO team as the search term they were targeting. The dynamic value is the name of the country.

The result is a URL that's very descriptive and (arguably) positive for Search Engines.