Blogging System | Article Editor

After adding the article from the form on the previous page, the new article will appear in the listing. The writer can then click the link to view (or edit) the article.

We have tried to make this editing page match the appearance of the publishing website as much as possible, so the writer can really see the result when published. This includes applying some of the publishers' branding, logo and colors to the page.

How’s it made?

Airconnex LoginΒ 

The login block is necessary to make sure the page is not accessible to the public, although all the 'backend' pages on Airconnex are set to repel indexing from search engines. It also allows us to tie a specific user to media they added into the media library.

Airconnex Hero

We used a hero block at the top of the page to give the visitor a nice visual welcome to the page and present the article title.

Airconnex Text Block

The text block can be configured to allow front end editing when a user is logged in. This emulates the typical WYSIWG editing experience most writers prefer (similar to the vanilla WordPress editor). The front end editor also allows access to a media library so images can be added to Airtable and inserted into the text block as HTML tags.

Airconnex Form

The form at the bottom will change the status of the article, indicating to the editors that the writer is finished editing and it's ready to be published.