Ecommerce Website | Checkout Page

After logging in, or creating an account (and being logged in automatically) the user can complete the checkout form. Again, this is a fairly simple page that takes the user smoothly through the next step in the overall order process – by asking them to confirm the details of this specific order.

How’s it made?

Airconnex Cart Block

We let the customer review their order and the total before completing the checkout using the form.

Airconnex Form > Update Cart

The Update Cart form type will edit the record that has the cart data…

Link the Cart to the users Account

Before we empty the cart contents (and begin a new cart) we will connect the cart to the user's account. The details of how this works are fairly technical but suffice to say we have to specify which field is linked from the cart to the account.

Empties the cart on the website

Of course this wont remove items from the order itself – just from the website so that the system knows this order is finalized. Any further items added using the Add to Cart forms will be linked to a new Cart record.

Save Order data

Although we asked the customer for their details in the Signup, they may want to specify a different address for certain orders. So instead of simply using those details, we prefill the form for convenicence but add the values to the order record. We also want to preserve the records of each order (if the user changes their account address, we dont want it to change any previous orders).

Redirect to Order Page

After submitting, the user will be taken to a dynamic page with their order details and payment options.