Ecommerce Website | Login Page

For this project, we have opted to require users to create an account before they can complete checkout (on the checkout page). This is fairly simple to achieve just by adding a login challenge to the checkout page. If they already have an account they can login otherwise there's a link to a Signup page.

This means the user can make multiple orders under a single account and review their past orders and invoices – without having to fill in their details every time.

How’s it made?

For this section we will just cover how to add the login form on the page – check further on for the actual page content.

Airconnex Login Block

To block public access to a page and require a login, all you need to do is add the login block. Of course, the user / account data is stored in Airtable… so once you have added the block you need to choose which connection has the users data.

Users login using their email address, and an automatically generated password. 

To assist with development, once you have chosen the Airtable connection with your user's data you can choose any user and login to view the site as that user without actually issuing a password.

In this case, our users are website guests and need to be able to create an account themselves (rather than being added by an administrator) so we will add a link to a signup page.


Blogging System | Login Page

This system is a pure portal for Writers to login and write, edit and submit articles for publication. The writers apply to join from the 'write for us' page on the blogs so we dont have a public homepage or signup page on this system.

As this is a client portal only, we put all the pages (including the homepage) behind a login.

How’s it made?

Airconnex Login Block

The login overlay is made by just adding a login block to the page. After people succesfully login they can see the rest of the page content.