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Huge Websites with Datafeeds

In this series we look at using Affiliate Product Datafeeds (CSV) files to import into Airtable, then connect with WordPress.

Doing this we can setup a very quick and easy (but powerful) website that has hundreds of SEO optimized pages – and bulk manage / update them in Airtable.

By having a very quick and easy bulk content editor, our entire website can be maintained in a spreadsheet user interface and hundreds of pages of WordPress content updated in just one click.


Products & Categories in Airtable

We will take our affiliate datafeed (CSV) file and import it to an Airtable base. so we can start creating a proper 'relational' database structure with two different tables – Categories and Products.

Airtable is free (with limits) and provides a great spreadsheet style of interface for quickly editing and organizing your data.

The best thing about Airtable is that it provides 'Linked Fields' to make the relationships between tables very clear and easy to build. Once you have these tables setup we can connect them to WordPress.


Connecting Airtable & WordPress

We have our Airtable data cleaned up and split into two tables using a linked field to make a relationship. Now we can jump into WordPress, and use the Airconnex WordPress Plugin to syncronize the data into wordpress.

First we add each table and import the records / data for them. By itself this only allows us to view the Airtable data. The next essential step is to make all the records into Custom Post Types (Dynamic Pages).

Doing this will generate a page for every record, and the page itself will have access to all the fields of data in Airtable for that record. We can mix in the Airtable data with static text to create SEO optimized titles and content that should rank well and be viewed as unique in Google.



Building with Blocks

We have everything connected from Airtable to WordPress ready to build content with a mix of special Airconnex Blocks and the WordPress Gutenberg blocks and libaries.

Starting from the homepage we add an Airconnex Loop to each of the Categories – and from there we use another Loop with Dynamic Filters to show the Products for each.

On our Product pages, we setup a simple product page layout and link to our Merchant's product page to generate Affiliate Commissions.