Building a Training Course with Airtable

Writers Academy

Photo by Hunter Harritt on Unsplash.


The homepage for this training course is just a pure listing of chapters. The entire course is in one table, and each chapter is a Single Select field. We then used the Kanban view in Airtable to easily sort the various pieces of information into a logical order and heirarchy.

How its made…

Airconnex Loop

We used an Airconnex Loop to show the Kanban chapters, with each one linking to a dynamic page for the chapter. Importantly, unlike many other situations with the Kanban, the chapters (categories) and the content (pages) are in the same Airtable. To list each chapter we just nominated one piece of content (usually the first one) to be the 'featured' item and filtered the loop to only show those ones.

The result is a loop with one piece of content representing each column in the kanban.


How its made…